Yu-Gi-Oh! Fists of the Gadgets

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After 6 long years of training, the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist returns to the field of battle! These new monsters have mastered brand-new Fire Formations that greatly expand the possibilities of the “Fire Fist” strategy. Fists of the Gadgets introduces 11 new cards for “Fire Fist” Decks including Link Monsters that let you skip paying costs for your “Fire Fist” effects or take control of enemy monsters, a Ritual Monster that searches Fire Formations and negates monster effects, and more.

What do Gadgets do when they want to power up? They become fists themselves as the hands of terrifying new Machine soldiers! Use Gadget power to strengthen your own monsters, destroy your opponent’s cards like clockwork, or even unleash a Mirror Force-like effect while staying on the offensive.


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