D&D: Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Wave 11

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As with previous releases, they each come with highly-detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out-of-the-box. These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting. These miniatures are packaged in a clear and visible format, so customers know exactly what they are getting. Certain miniatures include translucent parts for a vibrant and unique presentation.

  • Character packs include a high-level and low-level miniature of the same character to track a PC’s growth.
  • Beholder Zombie miniature includes 1 miniature with a swappable eye stalk set.
  • Large miniatures include one per pack.


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HD Mini

Arcanaloth & Ultroloth, Beholder Zombie, Blue Slaad, Crocodile, Death Dog, Doppelganger, Ettin, Female Dragonborn Fighter, Female Human Monk, Female Human Ranger, Female Human Wizard, Gold Dragon Wyrmling & Small Treasure Pile, Green Dragon Wyrmling & Afflicted Elf, Green Slaad, Grell & Basilisk, Harpy & Arakocra, Lich & Mummy Lord, Male Dragonborn Paladin, Male Dwarf Cleric, Male Dwarf Fighter, Male Elf Sorcerer, Male Firbolg Druid, Male Halfling Rogue, Male Human Barbarian, Male Human Ranger, Male Human Wizard, Mastif & Shadow Mastif, Satyr & Dryad, Shadow, Stone Golem, Wererat & Weretiger, Wight & Ghast, Winter Wolf, Balor, Behir, Young Gold Dragon, Young Red Dragon, Young Silver Dragon




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