D&D: Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Wave 12

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Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures come with highly-detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out of the box. These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting. The packaging displays these miniatures in a clear and visible format, so customers know exactly what they are getting.

Key Features:

  • Features characters, monsters, and scenery from the Dungeons & Dragons universe
  • Little to no assembly required
  • Primed and ready to paint
  • Some miniatures include translucent parts


Additional information


HD Mini

Black Pudding, Bullywug, Drow Mage & Drow Priestess, Female Human Barbarian, Female Elf Wizard, Female Elf Sorcerer, Female Tiefling Sorcerer, Flumph, Giant Spider & Egg Clutch, Gnoll & Gnoll Flesh Gnawer, Goblins & Goblin Boss, Grick & Grick Alpha, Jackalwere, Kobold Inventor, Dragonshield & Sorcerer, Leucrotta, Lizardfolk & Lizardfolk Shaman, Male Dragonborn Paladin, Male Half-Elf Bard, Male Human Paladin, Male Human Sorcerer, Male Tiefling Sorcerer, Nightmare, Orc Adventurers, Revenant, Sahuagin, Sea Hag & Bheur Hag, Bone Naga, Cloaker, Gorgon, Hook Horror, Manticore, Nalfeshnee, Ogre Zombie, Raging Troll, Roper, Venom Troll, Diving Griffon, Giant Ape, Storm Giant




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