Lawyer Up: Witch Trial Expansion

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Between February 1692 and May 1693 more than two hundred people were accused of being witches in colonial Massachusetts. This case looks at this infamous time in America’s history, where mass hysteria is taking hold of the judicial system.

With 20 Witnesses, a 60 case deck, and an Angry Mob card, the Witch Trial challenges the Defense to outlast the town’s hysteria and prevent three innocent people from being executed as Witches. This expansion introduces brand new mechanics with dynamic suspects and an angry Mob instead of a Jury. Players will be swaying biases to the Witnesses themselves. Watch out, if a Witness gets too many tokens on them, they become accused of being a witch and could lose their life. The Prosecution’s goal is simple: to execute three witches by preying on the townsfolks’ superstitions. The Defense will have to focus on the virtuous deeds of the accused in order to prevent a full-blown witch hunt.

A Lawyer Up Core Set is required to play.


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