Paperback Adventures: Core Box

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Paperback Adventures is a solo-focused game. It was designed from the ground up as a strategic, highly-replayable solo word game. There are also additional gameplay variants for cooperative play between two players.

This package includes one CORE BOX which includes:

  • Rulebook
  • Enemy Tray with Tokens (designed by Game Trayz™)
  • 12 Enemy Cards
  • 12 Reward Cards
  • 7 Penalty Cards
  • 5 Enemy Vowel Cards
  • 4 Wild and Letter of Your Choice Cards
  • 23 Item Cards
  • 22 McGuffin Cards
  • 12 Boss McGuffin Cards (4 in envelope)
  • 5 Plot Twist Cards
  • 1 Shop Card
  • 1 Archive Card
  • 7 Penalty Card Sleeves

At least one character box is required to play the game.


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Play Time

90 min



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