Roll For the Galaxy: Rivalry

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Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry, the second expansion for Roll for the Galaxy, consists of three expansions in one box.

First, it adds expansion content to the base game: 62 more game dice, a new die type, start factions, home worlds, and more than double the number of game tiles for the bag as in Ambition, the first expansion for Roll. This material is compatible with Ambition, but that expansion is not required to play Rivalry. If you are familiar with the dice from Ambition, then you can add this content and start playing immediately. (If not, you’ll need to read about the new dice.)

Rivalry also contains two optional game modules — the Deal Game and the Orb Game — which can be played separately or combined. These modules can also be combined with the goals in Ambition, although we suggest not combining them all at once for new players!


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