Ticket to Ride: Map Expansion 6: France / Old West

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Dive into French culture during Impressionism and the Industrial Revolution where the French railroad system is a blank canvas. Collect train cards and claim routes in order to complete the tickets in your hand. Multiple track beds overlap and once a track has been placed on the board, any track beds crossed by this track are off-limits and cannot be built on.

Each player chooses a starting location in the Old West for one of their three city pieces. The first route each player claims must have this city as one of the route’s two end points, and each additional route claimed must be connected to that player’s existing rail network. After claiming a route, the player may place one of their remaining cities on either end of that route. Only one city marker may be placed in each city. Whenever a player connects their route to a city owned by another player, the owner of the city claims the points for the route, not the player placing the trains.

Ticket to Ride: France / Old West is a map expansion pack and requires Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe to play.


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