Forest Shuffle

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Forest Shuffle, a beautifully illustrated, strategic card game for nature lovers and set collection enthusiasts. During the game, players compete to plant the most valuable trees and provide an environment where wildlife will flourish, creating an ecologically balanced habitat. Designed by KOSCH, a rising young German designer known for Fyfe, Forest Shuffle is his first collaboration with Lookout Games, and features stunning illustrations by artist and naturalist, Toni Llobet. A seasoned wildlife illustrator, having Llobet on the project further enhances the care the studio has brought to the development of this game.

Components include 180 multifunctional cards, a central game board, and a scoring pad. During the game, players attempt to gather more trees than their opponents. Taking turns playing cards from their hand, they must attract wildlife by combining plants and animals for extra points or bonus actions. But the animals have different preferences, some favoring dense treetops, others lush undergrowth, which players must take into consideration as they combine plants and animals to earn points. The player with the highest score wins the game.


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