Happy Little Dinosaurs

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Lately, it feels like we’re all just dinosaurs trying to avoid the falling meteors. In this game, you’ll try to dodge all of life’s little disasters. You might fall into a pit of hot lava or get ghosted by your dino date, but the dino who survives it all wins the game!

In this game, you are a Dinosaur, and life repeatedly tries to punch you in the face…you know, just like your real life. But if you thought your life was hard, buckle up. The dino world is full of tar pits, killer squirrels, and really bad haircuts, not to mention the looming threat of extinction. The goal of the game is to survive all of life’s little disasters and be the first Dinosaur to reach 50 points. You can also win if you’re the last Dinosaur standing…so…if all of your friends are dead.


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