Intrepid: Mission Critical Expansion

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Houston, we have a problem!

Low-earth orbit is not a friendly place, especially when you are hurtling around the planet at 27,000 kilometers per hour. If something goes wrong, it could prove fatal… and something always goes wrong.

Intrepid: Mission Critical is the first expansion to the cooperative, highly asymmetric game, Intrepid. Add four more astronauts to your crew, four new careers to pick from, and face-off against a Solar Storm – our most devastating disaster yet!

What’s in the box:
Intrepid: Mission Critical includes:

  • 4 Astronaut Country Boards (Germany, Malaysia, Brazil, and the UK)
  • 4 Country Player Aids
  • 4 Career Badges (Flight Engineer, Technical Officer, Crew Commander, and Science Officer)
  • 76 Station Tiles
  • 6 Unlock Tokens
  • 22 Solar Storm Disaster Cards
  • 1 Disaster Player Aid
  • 4 Disaster Irregularity Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

This is not a full game. Intrepid: Mission Critical is an expansion, and requires a copy of Intrepid in order to play.


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Play Time

90 min


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