Killer Bunnies: La-Di-Da Booster Deck

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Killer Bunnies connects with cultures above and beyond as we journey eastward across the pond!  The La-Di-Da London Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set plus four new Carrots and 12 small cards!

Use a new Bunderground Station to move bunnies from place to place, Elephant And Castle introduces them at a great pace!  You’ll need help to learn the British slang and luck to win at Number Wang!  Day Trippers will dwarf another’s bunny, even Lou and Andy who are quite funny!

Rolling 6’s and 7’s will make you roar, and the Weakest Link can even the score!  Canary Worf avoids weapons that wreck, while you’re on your London trek!  If you’re feeling crazed and your sanity has gone, breath deeply, Keep Calm And Bunny On!


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