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In Queendomino, you are a royal seeking new land for your ever growing kingdom. Explore and conquer the vast terrains, and develop the richest territories for you people. Scavenge lands full of Wheat, Forests, Grasslands, Swamps, Mines, and Towns, to diversify your kingdom’s wealth. Tax the land wisely to fund your construction of different buildings, but choose wisely because your trying to win the Queen’s favor, all while the Dragon’s flame foils your plans. Make sure you strategize and acquire your land carefully because others are also eyeing that same land trying to gain riches in the kingdom all will trying to still the Queen’s heart from you.

Queendomino is both a standalone game as well as an expansion to KingdominoQueendomino offers more complex challenges, a new territory, and allows more people to gather around and participate. 2 to 4 players can play Queendomino traditionally, but when the game is combined with Kingdomino: 3 to 4 players may play with a 7×7 grid, 5 to 6 players with a 5×5 grid, and 6 to 8 players may play in teams with a 5×5 grid.


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