The Ultimate Brain Challenge

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The Ultimate Brain Challenge will bend your mind, confuse your thoughts, stump your eyes and twist your words. Packed full of four fantastic expeditions across the left and right hemispheres of your brain. You’ll take a journey into the land of logical linguistics and “Ohhh..I get it now!!” outbursts. And curiosity will keep you drawing card after card…

The Ultimate Brain Challenge contains four games in one: Brain Bending Conundrums, IQ Squares, Picture Problems and Word Mixers.  Each set contains various kinds of puzzles that will truly challenge your visual and intellectual thought process. Opponents work to be the first person to earn 10 cards by correctly solving challenges posed on each card. There’s a chance to take a card if a player can’t complete the challenge, so everyone has to be sharp!  Get your gears cranking as you grind out an evening of fun with friends and family!


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