Tiny Ninjas: Heroes

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A 1-2 player tactical combat game where players control five ninjas, including a selected Hero, in a competition to eliminate their opponent’s Hero. Whoever does this first, wins.
Players take turns cycling through phases in which they’ll acquire items, shields and energy. Activating powerful abilities and stringing together epic combos. Custom printed dice are used to track the positioning and health of player’s ninjas. Battles take place in the raised-punchboard 4×7 grid Arena which is anchored into the lid of the gamebox.

Many attack/ability effects are determined with a dice roll, which can be done right inside of the gamebox as it transforms into the play area. The color-blind friendly, multi-use die can be rolled to produce three different sets of results.

With a dedicated solo experience, APOCALYPSE, which pits a single player against endless waves of the undead in a true fight for survival. Tiny Ninjas: Heroes is quick to learn yet offers layers of tactical depth so players can bond with specific heroes and develop their own unique strategies.


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