Tiny Towns

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Compete to build the most amazing Town. Each turn the “Master Builder” determines which resource will be produced, and all the players gain one unit of that resource. Players can decide to use their resources to construct buildings according to the construction cards in play. Choose carefully! Where you build, and what you build will determine how dense your Town will be and how many points it will score! At the end of the turn, a new player becomes Master Builder. Play continues until every player’s Town is at max density, and then each Town is scored to determine the winner.


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45 min




1 review for Tiny Towns

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    GREAT light-medium puzzle game. Can be taught in about a minute, but puzzly enough to prove to be quite challenging if you get yourself boxed in a corner. Good variety of cards makes each game different from the last with varied goals, and another big plus is the near zero down time in between turns as everyone is active on each players “turn” as the master builder / resource caller. Tiny Towns is fantastic

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