Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature Expansion

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Zombie Dice: Double Feature, the 1st expansion to the base game Zombie Dice, brings you three stars of the zombie films, The Hunk, The Hottie, and good old St. Nick him self. That’s right Santa Claus is back in town.

Beware of the Hunk as he has a double shotgun ready to fire, but if you get his brain you score double. With the Hottie she is quick and dangerous with 2 shot guns and 3 runs that only leaves you with one face of the die with her brain. As for Santa Claus he has three gifts that you could get if you are nice, a Helmet, energy Drink, and a double brain. Or you can just eat Santa’s brain your choice your the Zombie.

Finally if you play the Direct-to-video Sequal game play see Santa rescue the stars and vice versa.


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