Dominion: Adventures Expansion

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In Dominion‘s  Expansion number 9, Dominion: Adventures  you find yourself thinking that Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. You are rich with knowledge and life experiences, but are having a terrible time trading that knowledge for goods and services. It s time to seek fortune, if that is your fortune or someone close by’s fortune. West there is Milk and Honey, swarming with Giant bees and huge cows. East, land of eggs and licorice. North, treacherous swamps. South, Loyal Forests. Unfortunatly all of these directions have been thoroughly pillaged already. But you’ve heard that there’s a legend of a fifth direction, that is untouched. The adventures begin with your sword in hand past down from your father you gather up some recruits and hire some hirelings, all armored up you take off in this fifth direction to find some treasure.

Dominion: Adventures comes with 400 cards, 6 mats, and 60 tokens. There are 30 new Kingdom cards, including Duration cards that do thing on future turns, plus reserve cards that are saved to use at the right moment. There is also 20 Event cards that give you something to buy besides cards, including tokens that help modify cards.


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