Inuit: The Snow Folk

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Inuit: The Snow Folk is a card-based strategy game of drafting and tableau building for 2-4 players.

On your turn:

  1. Draw cards from the common deck and place them face-up on the table.
  2. Choose one type of card to draft into your village.
  3. The number of cards you draft is based on the number of Inuit of a given
  • Elders expand your village.
  • Shamans call upon powerful Spirits and perform mysterious Rites.
  • Warriors bring you the weapons of those they conquer.
  • Hunters provide precious game: seals, orcas, and polar bears.
  • Scouts allow you to choose from more cards each turn.

Build your village wisely, be watchful of other leaders, and lead Inuit to victory!

Includes two expansion modules: The Spirit of the Great White and Rising Sun.


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Play Time

45 min



Board & Dice


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