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Play the role of a merchant in the Renaissance, buying mines, shops and means of transportation to try and collect the most prestige points. If you can attain enough wealth, you might even be visited by a noble, which of course will further increase your prestige.

Splendor is fast and intuitive game, each turn there’s only one action! Get tokens by following simple rules, which will force you to make the hard decision of either collecting three tokens of different colors, or two tokens of the same color. You may also acquire a development by combining bonus and tokens, or put a card in reserve. Developments are all placed in the middle of the table, visible by all.

Players must thus elaborate a strategy in an endlessly changing environment, such as when another player claims a coveted development. Players must carefully chose their tokens to acquire a development of interest to them, but without revealing intentions too clearly to avoid having it be reserved by a mean-spirited opponent! This short and long term balance is at the heart of strategy in Splendor.

The game ends when a player reaches fifteen prestige points. But all the players get to finish the current turn so that everybody plays the same number of turns, to be fair. You can thus reach fifteen points but still lose due to another player having a really hot turn.


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