Wits and Wagers: Family Edition

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Wits & Wagers Family brings history’s most award-winning party game to the entire family! Now, the parents are finally the underdogs! Do you know the average number of times a person blinks each day? Of course not – and you don’t need to! That’s the fun. No one knows the answer. Take a guess and score points by choosing whose guess is closest. With easy rules and exciting game play, Wits & Wagers Family will get the whole family cheering and laughing together.

How to Play

  1. A fun question is asked…Everyone writes down their guess.
  2. Place your Meeples… Which guess is the closest?

Feeling confident…Place a Meeple on your guess.
Think your kids know better?…Place a Meeple on their guess.
No idea…Place a Meeple on any guess and hope to get lucky!

With simpler rules and family-friendly questions, Wits & Wagers Family Edition is perfect for family game nights, or when the kids want to play with their friends.


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Play Time

25 min



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